Does Your Company Need A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

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The first step in evaluating your company’s security is conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment. In today’s perpetually online work-life, system compromises are now an eventuality. Because of this, determining and detecting risk is essential to achieving full cyber security resilience. Performing a cybersecurity risk assessment is essential in this process. We want to provide you with a few tools so you can understand what you need in order to complete your risk assessment.

What is a cybersecurity risk assessment?

A risk assessment is basically the foundation of a company’s online security system as it provides the complete roadmap for how to proceed with setting up security measures within your company. A risk assessment will determine which of your critical systems are most vulnerable to a cyber attack. Many of these will involve training employees from the entry-level positions all the way to the CEO on warning signs and red flags they may encounter which could be dangerous phishing scams.

How to Perform a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Conducting a proper risk assessment takes some time, but the results you will see are well worth the investment. Here are some steps you can take at your company to get started.

Assign a Cybersecurity Team

Handling the responsibility of a company’s cybersecurity is a tall order, and cannot be done properly by only 1 employee. Here are some examples of people you could hire and bring on to the team:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Risk and Compliance team
  • Internal auditor
  • Department managers
  • Human resources

This team will be able to conduct assessments with the company’s internal systems to determine if there are any outstanding risks. After this, they will put together an action plan including training, software implementations, and responses in case of a security breach.

Set Your Security Team Up

Now that you know who to hire, you can set up your team and get them started on improving your internal cybersecurity systems. Make sure you start this process sooner rather than later, because you never know when the next attack might be.

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